SME Services

Unsecured Loans:

Unsecured Business Loans are arranged for Small & Medium Business Entities with  healthy financials coupled with a good track record. These loans are provided for assisting your business expansion and/or augmenting working capital. These are available for manufacturing / services entities and professionals like Doctors, Architects and CAs.

Secured Loans:

Loans Against Property ( LAP ): Loans Against Property / Mortgage Loans  are available to all eligible borrowers having sound financials and a good track record. These are available at attractive rates of interest and for tenors up to 10 years to facilitate easy repayment. SME customers can avail of this facility by leveraging their company / promoters owned commercial and residential properties. These funds may be used for business expansion and/or working capital needs.

Lease Rental Discounting ( LRD ):  In case of clients having commercial properties yielding good rentals from reputed corporate tenants, the owners can be funded for their expansion and/ or working capital needs, based on such rental income. These loans again are funded for tenors up to 10 years with highly attractive rates of interest.

Note: The financial assistance under the above schemes can be provided as a single disbursement or an Over Draft facility depending on the client’s needs.


  • Kindly note that we act as third party arrangers only and do not directly fund any clients.
  • We do NOT promise or assure anyone that the financial assistance shall be definitely arranged, since the same is subject to approval by the concerned lender based on their own internal criteria.
  • We definitely do NOT provide any financial assistance to bad CIBIL & NPA Clients.